COACH 12 Release : Pre-requisite Items

Updated: Jul 22

Our new release :


You need to download from Microsoft. Download the .NET Framework 4.8

Developer Pack -


Change targetFramework="4.8" in web.config file as below.

<compilation debug="false" strict="false" explicit="false" batch="true" targetFramework="4.8" numRecompilesBeforeAppRestart="300">


Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)

COACH 12 Requirements

COACH has been successfully installed in various configurations within an enterprise environment. The most common scenario utilizes a dedicated database environment with a dedicated server for the COACH application. COACH will run on VM, however, it is strongly recommended that this environment be closely monitored to ensure that sharing of host resources does not impact performance. The following document provides recommendations for server hardware and software requirements for COACH installation.

Several factors will be involved in the actual size of your specific COACH installation:

- Number of concurrent users (impact: application server traffic and database concurrent connections)

- Volume of requests (impact: database connections, size of database)

- Size and complexity of individual transactions (impact: database size)

- Size of attachments attached to requests (impact: application server disk space)

The primary factors in sizing, however, will be the number of concurrent users/transactions and the size of the process (i.e. number of tasks/complexity). The larger the process, and the larger the number of requests for that process translates into more processing required on the application server as well as the database server.

Base System Requirements

Regardless of hardware sizing concerns, all installations of COACH have the following base requirements

Application Server Operating System

- Windows 2016 Server, or 2019 (any edition)

- IIS 7+,

- .NET Framework 4.8

- ASP.NET 4.8

Database Server

- Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (any edition) or greater

Sizing your Installation

Use the following as a guide to create a starting point in determining your hardware (virtual or physical) needs for your installation.

Minimal Installation

Up to 100 concurrent users (Assumption 20% of 500 headcounts)

Application and Database Server combined

Processor: 2-Core CPU Memory: 16 gigabytes Disk Size: 500 gigabytes SSD (minimum)

Medium Installation

Up to 200 concurrent users (Assumption 20% of 1,000 headcounts)

Application Server

Processor: 4-Core CPU Memory: 16 gigabytes Disk Size: 500 gigabytes SSD (minimum)

Database Server Processor: 4-Core CPU Memory: 16 gigabytes Disk Size: 800 gigabytes SSD (minimum)

Large Installation

Up to 5,000 – 8,000 concurrent users (Assumption 20% of 20,000 headcounts)

Application Server Processor: 4-Core CPU Memory: 128+ gigabytes Disk Size: 500 gigabytes (minimum)

Database Server

Processor: 4-Core CPU Memory: 128+ gigabytes Disk Size: 1200 gigabytes SSD (minimum)

Share VS Dedicated Instance

Choose dedicated Application Server and SQL instances whenever possible. Additional Application Server Requirements

Please make sure all of the additional required package have been installed on your application server prior to installing COACH 12.

- URL rewrite module for IIS

- Microsoft Word 2016 or higher This is a Word wrap feature for all print forms

- Thai fonts for 50 Tawi

End User Requirements

The following browsers are supported by COACH 12:

- Internet Explorer 11

- Firefox 70+

- Chrome 70+

- Edge Chromium 80+


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